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Canton woman who owned ‘miracle house’ one step closer to becoming saint

CANTON, Ohio — A local woman is one step closer to becoming a saint nearly 70 years after her death.

Rhoda Wise was a humble woman who lived in a Depression-era shack in Canton; a house where many claim countless miraculous cures continue to occur.

It started with Rhoda being healed in 1939 from a massive infection caused by the removal of a 39-pound tumor. Rhoda claimed Jesus and Saint Therese visited the house. Later, Rhoda developed stigmata, which many Christians believe is spontaneous bleeding on the body similar to Jesus’ crucifixion wounds.

The Diocese of Youngstown began investigating Rhoda several years ago and all of the alleged miracles which reportedly continue to this day. Now, the case is moving a big step forward and being sent to Rome and the Vatican.

If confirmed, Rhoda would be the first saint from Ohio and one of only a handful of American-born saints.

Watch a past report in the video, above; read more, here.

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