CANTON, Ohio (WJW) — A traffic stop turned into chaos in Canton last month.

In a video, a police officer is seen putting his knee on a suspect multiple times after he failed to comply with being arrested. The suspect’s friend believes the officer went way too far. 

“We were over there asking him why you were doing this. That’s all we kept saying was, ‘Stop, stop, stop!’” the suspect’s friend said.

This incident all started when a Canton police officer said he tried to pull a man on a minibike over for running several red lights.

The officer said the driver refused to pull over until he reached an area where some of the suspect’s friends were. 

The officer said he then tried to talk to the driver, to make an arrest. When that failed, he pushed the driver off the bike. 

The officer said that action sent the driver and some of his friends into fight mode. 

However, the suspect’s friend refuses to believe this officer needed to use the force he did. 

“For him to be scared of us and you are beating the crap out of him, that just doesn’t make sense to me,” the suspect’s friend said.

In the video, you can see the officer kneeing the suspect in the head several times. 

The suspect’s friend said she feels that prevented her friend from ever having a chance to give himself up. 

“He didn’t even have a chance to put his hands behind him because every time he did, he would knee him into the ground again,” she said.

Eventually, the officer gets back up and completes the arrest. The driver is facing several charges. 

Canton police told Fox 8 News they will not comment on this story, until their investigation into the use of force ends.

They did add that any incident involving the use of force is investigated internally.