WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJW) – A Canton man pleaded guilty Tuesday to a felony charge for his involvement in the Capitol breach on Jan. 6, 2021.

John Douglas Wright, 55, pleaded guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding.

According to court documents, Wright organized two charter buses, which he owns, to take about 100 people to D.C. and participate in the Capitol breach where rioters attempted to thwart the electoral certification of Joe Biden.

Court documents say Wright joined others in pushing against a metal barricade to break through the security perimeter. He then walked through the rotunda and smoked a cigarette while inside.

A Facebook live video was also posted from his personal account that day from inside the building. In the video, someone can be heard yelling, “Whose house? Our house!”

Investigators say Wright also made several posts on social media, like, “SET ON NICE BENCH IN ROTUNDA AND HAD A SMOKE,” “YESTERDAY WAS A PRACTICE RUN,” and “I THINK WE NEED TO MAKE HOME VISITS.”

Wright was arrested May 3, 2021.

He will be sentenced on Nov. 28. Wright could face up to 20 years in prison as well as other fines.