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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Any new mom will tell you what a special, yet stressful time it is after giving birth.

Imagine taking on motherhood while trying to recover from addiction.

There are dozens of sober houses in Cleveland, but none like this one.

“I just know that this place is amazing,” says the “house mom” Kimberly Glover.

“Whether you want to call it magical or a miracle, that is what the Moms House is.”

Hired as the resident supervisor, Kimberly’s role is much more than that. 

She’ll be a mentor, a confidant and someone who speaks from experience,

“The one thing I will never forget is how hard my journey has been.”

Kimberly is also in recovery.

Moms House of Dr. Jennifer Bailit of MetroHealth Medical Centers.

It’s a fully furnished house, move-in ready for moms and babies.

“To find a combination where they would accept a pregnant woman on MAT meaning medical assisted therapy, as well as be able to accept children was a rarity,” Dr. Bailit explains.

A maternal-fetal medicine specialist, she witnessed the rise in need a decade ago with an increase in opiate-addicted pregnant women.

“Many times, women who are dependent on opiates also have family members who are either in the life or not sober from other substances, so they would be staying with people using one thing or another. Obviously not an ideal situation trying to raise a child.”

Now they have the Moms House, along with the treatment and support behind it that MetroHealth provides. 

A donor stepped up with the money to rent for the house on Cleveland’s west side, and the dream became a reality.

“All the items in the house have been donated by friends and people I’ve met,” explained project coordinator, Monica Matia on a tour of the home, 

“So the house is now a home.”

“I will have new pack and plays or new cribs.”

Matia knows very well the problems and need for support.

Her husband, a common pleas judge, started one of the first drug courts in Cuyahoga County.

There is room in the house for three moms and their babies. They each get their own room and share a bathroom.

The women pay a nominal fee for rent and can stay for the first year or so of the baby’s life. 

“I envision having little babies crawling on the floor,” says Matia.

Living at Moms House is about developing a lifestyle and finding a path with the help of a supportive community, a family.

Dr. Bailit’s primary goal is “to keep moms and babies together.”

Kimberly hopes she can provide the inspiration those women will need at a fragile time in their lives. 

“I’ve been able to have relationships restored to me. Happiness restored to me,” she said.

“I just want to be that for them as well.”