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There are thousands of web sites dedicated to couponing.  You could save time and money by limiting your search to the favorite web sites of the pros.

Joe Daugirdas, better known to northeast Ohioans as “Joe the Coupon Guy” said some sites are better for different reasons. 

Sara Steigerwald from the popular couponing blog,  told Call for Action Reporter Lorrie Taylor, “There are some major coupon sites that all of us visit.”

The two bargain hunters are of like minds when it comes to a couple of favorite spots. is at the top of both their lists.

“They usually will release one to two, sometimes a slew of them, new coupons daily that match up with deals,” said Steigerwald. is another favorite.  It offers the kind of coupons you get at the register, called Catalinas.

“It triggered a $3 register Catalina that I got for my next shopping trip on top of a couple coupons that I use for that deal, plus I got fuel perks for it,” he said.

Daugirdas also likes, a forum for couponers that breaks down local deals. is a national web site that does the same thing.

“You can save 75% to 90% off your grocery bill,” said Steigerwald, describing the kinds of savings she’s enjoyed while using coupons.

Steigerwald also recommends for off-brand coupons not often seen on other web sites.

“They have high value coupons and sometimes they have some rare coupons that you won’t find on,” she said.

Steigerwald said is another of her favorite sites but she warns fellow couponers to move fast when using the site.

“Redplum is good on Sunday mornings, they usually run out by Sunday afternoon, she said.

Time and money, something these two pros know how to save.

For more information on their favorite coupon sites go to and look under Seen on TV.