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Domonic Draft is a Cleveland firefighter who’s in the market for a new cellphone plan; one that does it all and does it for less than he’s paying right now.

“If I don’t get the best deal it’s like throwing money out the window, yeah, it’s very important,” he told Call For Action Reporter Lorrie Taylor.

He admitted he’d forgotten the number one rule of saving money – haggling.  “Didn’t occur to you that you might be able to negotiate?” asked Taylor.

“No it didn’t, I didn’t even think about it,” he chuckled.

Consumers who have the time are prime candidates to wheel and deal their way to a cheaper plan, but it takes research on the front end to get a break on the back-end.

Joe Daugirdas, who’s also known to Clevelanders as “Joe the Coupon Guy” recommends checking online sites first.

“They don’t have the overhead costs so they can offer the deals on there,” he told Taylor.

That doesn’t mean the brick and mortar shops won’t match or beat online deals.  Daugirdas advised keeping research handy until the deal is done.

“Joe the Coupon Guy” also said all costs associated with going mobile are potential possibilities for negotiation, including the price of the phone, the activation fee, the number of call minutes and the number of texts allowed per month.

Another place to look for considerable savings is at work.

Daugirdas said a lot of employers negotiate discounts for their employees but fail to tell them.  He told Taylor savings can range anywhere from 6% to 20% off the monthly bill, and it’s never too late to sign up.

Another way to save a small fortune is by getting a new smart phone free of charge.  When manufacturers release their latest model the old one is sometimes discounted if not made free with the purchase of a monthly plan.  For example, Apple just came out with the 4G so AT&T has been offering a free 3G to anyone who signs up for a new plan.

A very grateful Draft told Taylor he won’t forget the advice she gave him while he continues shopping for a new plan.

“How much money did I just save you?” laughed Taylor.

“However much it would have cost,” replied Draft. “Hundreds I’m sure.”

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