CAPE CORAL, Fla. (WJW) – In a bold marketing move, a Florida roofing company is announcing a unique offer to new customers.

ROOF EZ, in Cape Coral, announced a limited-time offer that includes a free AR-15 rifle and turkey with the purchase of a new roof.

The company’s promotion, dubbed “Roof & Gobble,” aimed to capture attention and generate buzz, but the post was initially removed from Facebook, according to ROOF EZ.

ROOF EZ did a new post, letting people know the deal was still on.

“Someone must’ve reported our post… but don’t worry, the November special “Roof and Gobble” is still going!!! 🦃🏠” the company wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with WBBH, the owner of ROOF EZ explained the inspiration behind the promotion.

“I actually saw this idea; a company actually did it in Alabama. I figured, hey, we’re in Florida. This is the most Florida thing you can do. Let’s do it,” Jason Polly said.

Southwest Florida is still recovering from Hurricane Ian that damaged and destroyed homes in the area in September of 2022.