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OAKWOOD VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) – On Monday, smoke and fire smothered the I. Schumann & Co. manufacturing building. 

An explosion at the plant, shaking Oakwood Village to its core. 

“Shook the building pretty good, shook me pretty good,” said Cory Neal. 

One day later, nearby neighbors spent their day cleaning up debris left behind. 

Greg Stirchek, who works for Northern Haserot, estimates they will spend thousands of dollars on repairs to their property.

However, money seems irrelevant to him at this point.

“I would never think I’d have to put fires out of this building, from that building exploding,” shared Strichek. 

One of the people to stop by and take in the damage done Tuesday was Douglas Chismar, a former employee at the I. Schumann building. 

Chismar shared that he needed to drive by and process the scene in person. 

“That’s why we came out to see it. It’s like holy cow,” explained Chismar. 

Regardless of their connection to the building, everyone we spoke with says the victims involved were top of mind.

Thinking of all the people, whose lives have been forever changed. 

“You stand here and can’t help but wonder, who is not going home tonight,” explained Stircheck.