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With Over a Million Sheets of Enviro+ Paper, There's No Shortage in Sight for Impress Communications

Beyond Fulfilling Demand, It's A Major Move Toward Sustainability

 LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- For Impress Communications, it's business as usual, even with the two-year industry-wide paper shortage that has disrupted CPG supply chains worldwide.

In fact, the packaging solutions provider is ahead of demand — 1.2 million sheets ahead. Nearly 600 pallets of the newly launched Enviro+ Paper Board (a first-of-its-kind, 100% recyclable, pre-and post-consumer waste material) are stored in its California facility. 

"This is our investment in a more sustainable future," says Paul Marino, CEO of Impress Communications. "We're confident that Enviro+ Paper Board will eventually replace all traditional luxury packaging as well as its PCW predecessors. It's eco-conscious without compromising on quality, and we're proud to be the first in all North America to offer this fully environmentally conscious option."

The excitement surrounding Enviro+ thus far only further confirms Marino's predictions. Since announcing its launch, most of Impress' clients have switched to Enviro+ packaging that better aligns with their personal mission while offering a final product that elevates their portfolio. 

"Fulfilling demand, of course, will always be our priority," says Marino. "But if we're able to do so while taking the necessary strides toward true zero-waste, closed-loop production, we're running in that direction and never looking back."

Over a million sheets on deck prove this commitment to sustainability and follow-through. By directly partnering with the manufacturer of Enviro+ paper, Impress Communications was able to secure its clients from supply chain issues based on their production requirements. Marino adds that preventing disruptions ahead of production was designed to encourage that shift toward greener packaging further. 

This type of thoughtful foresight and a forward-thinking mentality has been crucial in establishing Impress Communications as a leader in the packaging industry. "There's real longevity in going green," Marino states. "It's accessible, viable, and simply better for all — you, the consumers, your brand, the planet. Now's the time to do things differently and make a difference together."

Impress Communications is an industry trendsetter whose commitment to the environment inspires initiatives that are consistently in the interest of humankind. Impress Communications boasts decades of experience serving many industries -including e-commerce, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical brands.

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