AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – For the past month, the Summit County Health Department has been offering vaccines to counter the latest variant of COVID-19.

They have plenty in stock.

“We are seeing good uptake, our clinic is pretty steady, but not anywhere near where we thought,” said Summit County Health Commissioner Donna Skoda.

Medical director, Dr. Erika Sobolewski, says many of those who have been getting the vaccine are those 65 and older.

“I think there’s a little burnout from the pandemic. I think the real message is the transition of this into a regular adult vaccine, a regular childhood vaccine just as you get your flu season flu vaccine you should be getting your COVID vaccine,” said Sobolewski.

Across the country, the CDC reports that the number of people getting vaccinated against the most recent COVID variant is extremely low. As low as 3% of all people, closer to 2% of children are getting the vaccine.

That is well below the number of people who are willing to get an annual flu shot as we head into the most contagious months for everything, including the flu, COVID and RSV.

Part of that may be that the vaccines are no longer free, although insurance will cover at least a part of the dose and there are programs to help those who qualify.

Another factor could be that people who already got their first round of vaccinations as well as one or two booster shots feel as though they do not necessarily need another.

“No matter what you’ve had in the past, those are not what you are getting now. This is a completely new vaccine that has been tweaked for what is circulating now,” said Skoda.

She says those who are the most at risk of the worst outcome are seniors over 65 who have not been vaccinated.

But Skoda also says that only about 50% of the U.S. population gets a flu shot every year and CDC Director Many Cohen says only about 17% of the population got last year’s additional booster shot.

With the enormous number of people worldwide who have received COVID vaccines over the past two years, public health officials say the data now clearly shows, for the vast majority, the vaccinations are both safe and effective.

“I don’t want COVID to have any more room to stay any longer than it has already stayed. For most of us we know it has already overstayed its welcome, ” said Skoda.