[Editor’s Note: The video above is about a new LEGO-Themed burger joint bringing a whimsical dining experience to Cleveland.]

(WJW) – LEGO has added to its Batman Collection, and the new design already has a lot of LEGO lovers talking.

The LEGO “Batman Returns” Batcave Shadow Box is based on the 1992 Warner Bros. movie Batman Returns and is described as “highly detailed.”

The shadowbox is made up of almost 4,000 pieces and measures almost 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide.

According to the product description, the set features authentic detail with movable items. Even a realistic ‘Batmobile.’

The set is said to be for adults, 18 and older, costs $399.99, and will be available June 8, 2023.

Check out the complete details, here.