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BRUNSWICK, Ohio — We all love a good bargain, right?  Well how about a bargain on that next funeral? Now, you can bury your loved one in style without going broke.

There is K-Mart, Walmart and now, northeast Ohio has its first of a kind funeral-mart.

“We have the caskets, the urns, the burial vaults, headstones,” said Debbie Bollinger of Bollinger Funeral Goods and Services.

Consider it one-stop shopping when it comes to burying your loved one.

“People can purchase any or all of those from us, they can purchase, as you said, a-la-carte, just the parts they need,” said Debbie.

Bollinger Funeral Goods and Services in Brunswick is a funeral home, minus the home.

“We can offer everything that a funeral home can offer other than having the funeral and visitation here,” said owner Mark Bollinger.

Bollinger Funeral Goods and Services is set up so that folks who are planning a funeral can actually think outside the box.

“You don’t have a lot of traditional services and stuff like that and so we are doing whatever possible to make that a reality,” Mark said.

It costs about $10,000 to bury a loved one.  With Bollinger Funeral Goods and Services, you can save up to 75 percent on that traditional funeral.

“Because we have much less overhead, we can offer our services at a reduced rate,” Debbie said.

And coming soon, Bollinger’s will be adding pet remembrances to their list of services.

“We won’t do the actual pet cremations but we will have products available for those that choose to have pets cremated,” said Debbie.

It’s another sign that we are not the only things changing these days, so too are funerals and how we pay for them.

Bollinger Funeral Goods and Services opened in November and just like any other funeral home, Debbie and Mark Bollinger are on-call 24/7 for any funeral needs you may have.