(WJW) – Emma Heming-Willis is asking the paparazzi to give her husband, actor Bruce Willis, some space after he was recently diagnosed with dementia.

The “Die Hard” actor’s family announced on Feb. 16 that his aphasia condition progressed to frontotemporal dementia. He stepped away from acting due to the aphasia diagnosis last year.

In an emotional video posted to Instagram, recounting an incident that happened while Bruce was out getting coffee with friends, Emma points out that there is still a lot of education that needs to be done surrounding dementia.

“This one is going out to the photographers and the video people who are trying to get those ‘exclusives’ of my husband out and about, just keep your space,” she said.

She’s also asking paparazzi not to yell at her husband while he’s out in public.

“Give him his space, allow for our family or whoever is with him that day to be able to get him from point A to point B safely,” Emma said.

In the post, she also asked, “to other caregivers or dementia care specialist navigating this world… Any tips or advice on how to get your loved ones out in the world safely?”

Bruce and Emma have been married since 2009.