CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Cleveland Browns managed to make beating the Tennessee Titans look easy Sunday afternoon in downtown Cleveland.

Game updates:

Dustin Hopkins made a field goal to give Browns the early lead 3-0 at the top of the game.

Then the Browns fumbled and Titans recovered at Browns 20 yard line. The Titans tied the game 3-3.

Watson to Ford for a TD pass. Browns lead 10-7 in the second quarter.

At the half, the Browns lead the Titans 13-3 in Cleveland.

Coming into the third quarter, the Browns understood they needed to capitalize on their lead. And Ford was there to answer with about 6 minutes left in the quarter, rolling into the end zone again. The score than moved to 20-3 with a good kick.

Into the fourth quarter, the Brown’s defense continued to be the big story of the game.

A beautiful throw by Deshaun Watson to Amari Cooper gave the Browns yet another big touchdown. The score than moved to 27-3 with about 6 minutes left to the end of the game, and a good kick once again from Hopkins.

In the final minutes of the game, the Browns game rookie QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson a chance at some reps, taking Watson out. And the game ended with 27-3 as the final score.

Check out photos from the game below:


Chubb has been the biggest strength of the Browns’ offense, but it was obvious the severity of his injury was an emotional letdown for the team. But as the week went on, Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett said: “Spirits are high because we know what we have on this team. We know exactly the spirit of what we stand for, what Nick stands for and he’s still behind us and with us.”

Perhaps just when the Browns (1-1) needed a home game most, they get one today against the Titans (1-1) 1 p.m. at Cleveland Browns Stadium. The Browns don’t play another road game until Oct. 22 due to two more home games after this Tennessee game, including a bye week.

*Cleveland’s Jerome Ford and Deshaun Watson practice in Berea preparing for game with Titans*

The Browns signed their former running back, Kareem Hunt, just days before today’s game to shore up the running game.

“I think the biggest thing for him (Hunt) is just to come in and just be Kareem, and that’s all we asked him to do,” said Cleveland quarterback Dehsaun Watson. “Not trying to make up space for Chubb or anything like that, because that’s a big void to try to make up. Just be you and let everything flow together.”

The Browns will also rely on running back Jerome Ford who looked impressive against Pittsburgh and can be used in the short passing game.

“He’s a diligent worker,” Head Coach Kevin Stefanski said about Ford. “He really jumped into that role as a (pass) protector and catches the ball well.”

The Browns’ run defense has been a strength in the first three games. Today, they will be put to the test against Tennessee running back and three-time Pro Bowler Derrick Henry.

“You’re as good as your last game,” Garret said. “We’ll see after this game what the numbers are. But can’t say that our run defense is so much better until we face this guy.” 

During Q & A with sports media, Watson was asked about a “visualization coach” who sits next to him on the bench at games this season.

“Dr. Mayur Pandya (Neuropsychiatrist in Beachwood) he’s a visual coach, a player coach, a therapist for just the mind, the mental state of just not just the game but life in general, just being able to try to focus, narrow your focus as much as possible,” Watson said.

Browns fans hope to be focusing on celebrating a win Sunday afternoon.