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BEREA — Before the 2017 Browns season, coach Hue Jackson guaranteed the team would not go 1-15 as they did in 2016.

But what if they do it again? Jackson said he’d jump into Lake Erie.

With one game left in the season, and the Browns record sitting at 0-15, it’s looking more and more like Jackson’s taking a frigid dip.

At a Wednesday post-practice press conference, the coach said he’d make good on his word.

“Heck yeah. I have to,” Jackson said. “It is going to be at my convenience, and hopefully, I could get a lot of people to come out. It would be something that we are going to make special. I don’t like it. I don’t like to do it for the reason I am having to do it, but I have to make do on my word. I just think that is what you do. I do get that. I made a statement. I have to back it up. That is the type of person I am, so that is what we have to do.”

Money raised for the event would go toward The Hue Jackson Foundation, which was created to fight human trafficking in Cleveland.

The Browns play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Dec. 31 in their final game of the season. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2002 and are 2-40 since winning their most recent road game in 2015.

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