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CLEVELAND — Baker Mayfield and the rest of the Cleveland Browns offense came out swinging, scoring on their first drive Sunday against Tennessee at FirstEnergy Stadium.

But, it was all downhill from there. They lost 43 to 13 in the home opener.

“In the preseason games, they only played the starters a little bit, maybe they should’ve practiced with the actual players who were on the field today,” said Rachele Hill.

The Browns’ sloppy play left fans shaking their heads, wondering why they didn’t live up to the hype for the season opener.

However, other fans are more optimistic noting that there are 15 games left.

“It’s just one game, got next week. It’ll be fine. They just need to humble up a little bit,” said Courtney Mickens.

With all of the high hopes, area sports bars expect big crowds throughout the season.

“The crowd today was monstrous, huge. Just the hype and anticipation for this season is through the roof,”  said Noble Beast Brewery Manager Bill Riley.

But so much has to improve so fans don’t leave dejected, or leave early.

“The crowd was getting a lot smaller. It was a little bit sad. People weren’t clapping very much,” said Jorha Hflika.

The Browns will get a chance to turn it around in front of several national audiences in the coming weeks.

Three of their next four games are on prime-time.