CLEVELAND (WJW) – On a regular Browns home game, it is hard to predict what type of hair, make-up or outfit you might see as fans tailgate in the Muni Lot. 

But when the game falls on Halloween, that takes the spooky fun to an entirely new level.

“This is my Uncle Mike, he was a season ticket holder before he passed away. He passed away in 2021,” said one tailgater, referring to a fully dressed skeleton.

Muni-Lot tailgaters got into the Halloween spirit with some bizarre companions Monday afternoon before the Browns beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Cleveland. We took one man’s word that his “Uncle Mike” was enjoying the pre-game festivities with all the other Muni lot tailgaters.

“Uncle Mike doesn’t seem too excited,” FOX 8’s Kevin Freeman said.

“Oh no, he’s super-excited,” the tailgater said. “This is what he loves, this is what he’s waiting for. That’s why we brought him out. Go Browns, Uncle Mike!” the man said as he lifted the fake skeleton’s hand.

Browns fans slowly poured into the Muni Lot on Monday. Even some of the die-hard Browns fans had to wait until they got off work Monday to take in the fun, plus the lot opened to the public in the afternoon instead of early on the morning, like it does for Sunday games.

“Halloween baby!” another tailgater said.

“Who are you? What are you dressed up as?” Freeman said.

“The Brownie Elf,” the tailgater responded. “Come on, now. Brownie Elf.”

“We have a theme for every game. This being Halloween, the group, they were stepping it up a notch. Like we did last year, we have the giant inflatables, you’re supposed to wear Halloween costumes and we charge for stuff and all the money goes to MS. It’s also a fundraiser,” said Joe Vanco.

Vanco says he wasn’t totally finished with his costume, saying he still needed to add some Alice Cooper face paint. He called himself the evil ringmaster of the whole event. His friend, “Crazy Pumpkin Head,” visited from Texas.

“I originally am from Cleveland. I live in Houston now and I came up here because he couldn’t come down there for the Houston Texans game when the Browns were in Houston, so I came up here, Halloween, what more could you ask for?” said his friend, Peter Verbuke.

“We ain’t got to dress up as Michael Myers or Jason or any other kind of Halloween costume. We’re just here to cheer on the Browns. Go Browns, baby!” said another tailgater.

Even scarier than the costumes, some Browns fans feared the team’s performance on the field Monday Night.

“Hopefully we put the scare in Cincinnati because Kevin Stefanski hasn’t lost to them yet, so I’m hoping we get a lot of Nick Chubb and we take care of business,” said Vanco.

It turns out they had nothing to fear! The Browns claimed a 32-13 victory over Cincinnati Monday night.