CLEVELAND (WJW) — Deshaun Watson posted a hype video on his Instagram Sunday morning ahead of his return to the field in his first start for the Browns.

The video shows FirstEnergy Stadium and gives some highlights of Watson’s career.

Deshaun led the league in passing yards in 2020. After being sued for sexual assault by more than 2 dozen women and subsequently being suspended for sexual misconduct, he hasn’t played since.

Watson settled 23 of those cases. He does not face any criminal charges.

One case remaining is just beginning to go through court. The other could go to trial in the spring.

A lawyer says some of the accusers plan to be in the stands in Houston on Sunday for Watson’s first game back.

“I’m not worried about the atmosphere,” Deshaun said. “I have to go out and execute the game plan.”

In the video, Watson says, “All I can do is keep moving forward.”