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SEATTLE, Washington — If you’re a dog lover, you’re going to need a tissue to watch this video.

Brett Bennett posted a video showing his Rottweiler Brutus grieving the death of his Rottweiler twin brother Hank.

Bennett said the dogs, which were featured on their own Facebook and YouTube pages to raise money for a Rottweiler rescue group, were inseparable.

“Brutus does not want to leave him and will not budge, laying on top of his head,” Bennett wrote on his YouTube post. “Brutus has never whined or cried out in pain the two years I have had him…But clearly you can see in his eyes, he is crying for his brother who had passed as his world around him just crumbled.”

“This is proof that animals DO have emotions and feel pain just like we do,” Bennett wrote.

“I’m so sorry you guys…I wasn’t strong enough and had a breakdown in front of the dogs,” Bennett wrote. He can be heard crying during the video.