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BROOK PARK, Ohio (WJW)– One of Little Caesars’ Hot N’ Ready Pizzas recently left the customer fuming.

Jason Laska stopped in at the Little Caesars shop at Smith and Snow roads in Brook Park. 

“She turned and asked me ‘Babe, did you order this, did they make it for you?’ And I turned around and looked at it and I could see the shock on her face and then my jaw just dropped,” Laska said.

He ordered a pepperoni pizza. When he got home and opened the box, he found the pepperoni on the pizza in the shape of a swastika.

“I was like they didn’t cut our pizza, but then I stepped back for a second and I saw the symbol. And I looked at him and I was like ‘Hold on, did you have to order fresh pizza or something?'” Misty Laska said.

The Laskas did not eat the pizza, instead they saved it for proof.  They immediately called the shop, which had closed just minutes earlier. They received a call from the local owner and the Little Caesars corporate office on Sunday.

“Told him that it was supposed to be an internal joke that they were playing on each other and the other employee, and the pizza was never intended to go out. He also confirmed that he had let the employees go that morning,” Jason said.

The Laskas visit that Little Caesars often because it is so close to their home, but after Saturday’s incident, they will never go there or any other Little Caesar’s location again.

“It’s unacceptable and in our minds, we are just never going to go back there,” Jason said.

“We are the type of people that support the diversity in our country, we embrace and love it. We just want to see this hate stop,” Misty said.

A Little Caesars spokeswoman released the following statement Sunday night:

“We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form, and these franchise store employees were immediately terminated. We’re deeply disappointed that this happened, as this conduct is completely against our values. We have also reached out to the customer to discuss this personally with him.”

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