(WJW) – A new app called TTcare could help you identify health troubles your pets could be having by simply taking a photo.

According to the TTcare website, the app is designed to check your pet’s health with photos of their skin and eyes.

The app can help provide information faster than taking your pet to its veterinarian. If the app isn’t able to give a definite diagnosis, it can at least potentially rule out ailments, according to Fox News.

TTcare will also ask questions about which body part of your pet you have concerns about. Then the artificial intelligence will analyze your pet’s health status.

TTcare’s website claims it can detect abnormal symptoms early with 90% accuracy. There’s even an option allowing the user to have a virtual visit with a vet with any other questions along with a list of local veterinary hospitals.

TTcare is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

App users can get three pet scans for free. After that, there is a monthly plan cost of $4.99 per month and a yearly plan for $49.99. Both plans give users their first month free.