MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WJW) — A Pennsylvania family that visits Myrtle Beach every summer brought home the souvenir-of-a-lifetime during their most recent trip.

During a fossil-hunting expedition, eight-year-old, Riley Gracely, found a giant shark tooth from a long-extinct species, a Fox News report says.

He found it at Palmetto Fossil Excursions, an educational fossil-hunting expedition facility in Summerville where his parents, Justin and Janelle, took him and his brother, Collin.

“We vacation in Myrtle Beach every summer, so from the time that Riley and his brother Collin could walk, we’ve been into searching for these treasures on the beach,” Justin told Fox News Digital in an email.

The company confirmed Riley found a 4.75″ Angustiden tooth and shared pictures of the rarity in a Facebook post.

“Just to give perspective, any Angustiden over 4″ is the equivalent of finding a 6″ Meg, and an Angustiden at 4.75″ is the equivalent of finding a 6.5″ Megalodon tooth,” the post said. “Again, congratulations kiddo. Truly the find of a lifetime.”

Prehistoric creature guide,, says Angustidens are believed to reach up to 30.5 feet.

Riley is an avid fisherman who loves science and the outdoors, his dad told Fox News Digital.

“His collection is still in its early stages, so he’s keeping it for now, but who knows in time,” he said. “It would be nice for others to enjoy it, too.”