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PENINSULA, Ohio (WJW) – Brutally cold temperatures have kept many people indoors recently, but many are excited to hit the ski trails now that the Boston Mills Brandywine Ski Resort is open for the season.

“Golf in the summer, skiing in the winter. That’s the motto in the Kozie household,” skier Jack Kozie said.

Kozie is among the hundreds of folks who couldn’t wait to get out on the trails on the first full day of operation. He and his brother, William Kozie, are just happy to be out after the pandemic has kept them away for the past two years.

“I was in a weird, like rut. I know a lot of people were,” William Kozie said. “It’s starting to get better and things are changing. Spirits are lifted.”

Boston Mills General Manager Jake Campbell says his staff are ready to welcome guests back for the season, even amid the challenges caused by the weather.

“Very, very cold stretch – and we’re still kind of in that – and with wind we actually lost power at all three locations, so we’ve been battling through that as well,” Campbell said. “But I’m happy to say we have our snowmaking guns back on.”

Not only are the guns back on creating plenty of snow, but a brand-new ski lift will make things a lot easier for skiers this season.

“Replaced a chair that only held two people. This one holds four people, so it’s much more efficient – about double the capacity up the hill,” Campbell said. “So, more time on the snow and less time in the lines.”

Campbell said the lifts are still freezing due to the extreme cold, but that will work itself out as the weather balances out. Over all, he’s just happy to see smiling faces back on the slopes.

“Really excited families coming out, lot of people taking lessons today,” he said. “Really excited to have everybody be back.”

That includes the Kozie brothers, who want to encourage others to give skiing a try.

“Cleveland’s got a lot to do and the winter included,” Jack said. “Get out to Brandywine, get out to Boston Mills, Mad River, wherever you’ve got to go, but make sure you the slopes and enjoy Cleveland.”

More details for how to visit can be found on the Boston Mills Brandywine website.