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BOSTON HEIGHTS, Ohio – A local woman who found herself stranded on the side of Olde Eight Road in Boston Heights was rescued by an act of kindness and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Officer Chad Mcardle was on patrol Friday morning when he spotted an SUV with hazard lights on. He questioned the driver and learned she had run out of gas while on her way to work. The patrolman had the woman put her car in neutral and he pushed the vehicle to a safer spot up the road.

“That’s what I’m here for,” said Officer Mcardle.

Not according to Carol Robinson, who was watching from her front window as the officer put his shoulder into his work.

“Police officers don’t have to push your car up the street and he was all by himself,” said Robinson.

Mcardle then went a step further and offered to take the stranded motorist to a nearby gas station. He put gas in a can, took the woman back to her SUV and emptied the gas can into her tank.

“I just think it was a really neat thing to do and something he didn’t have to do but he cared about people so he did it,” said Robinson.

Mcardle told Fox 8 pushing cars off the road is something he’s done dozens of times before.

“Tried to get her to work on time, so hopefully she made it.”

Mcardle said he didn’t use his cruiser to push the SUV for fear it would damage her bumper, since his car was much lower to the ground. He said the stranded motorist was enormously grateful.