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Border patrol agents are used to seeing many strange things on the US-Mexico border.

However, when they came across an abandoned black duffel bag Monday, they had to do a double take.

While on duty, the agents saw three people attempting to enter the Unites States illegally, through Brownsville, Texas.

The men dropped the bag as they fled back to Mexico.

When agents approached, they found an unconscious male tiger stuffed inside.

The cub appeared sedated and was turned over to the Gladys Porter Zoo.

The zoo provided the following update on its Facebook page:

The tiger cub found in a duffel bag at the border is under the care of our veterinary staff. Despite him being brought to us in a critical condition, our veterinary team acted quickly to stabilize him and he is now doing very well. He is thought to be around 2 months of age. The way he responds to humans leads us to believe that he has been hand-raised up until this point. The next step will be to find him a more permanent home.