PEPPER PIKE, Ohio (WJW) – Newly released police body camera video shows the moment officers found a student with bullets in his pocket and a rifle in his car at Orange High School early last month.

Nolan Rosen, 18, was escorted out of his classroom, admitting that he had two bullets in his pocket.

Police were called to search the school after a bullet was found in the cafeteria. Rosen said he forgot the bullets were in his pocket.

Officers searched his Chevy Blazer in the school parking lot, where they discovered a box of ammunition and a rifle.

Rosen told officers that he never intended to hurt anyone and that he uses the rifle to hunt small game. He also said it makes him feel safe.

“I just bring it because, first of all, it is looks cool, and second of all, it’s like a comfort thing,” he said. “When I have it, you feel 20 times more comfortable and secure in your situation with a gun than without.”

When officers told Rosen he was under arrest for inducing panic and possessing a deadly weapon in a school safety zone, he argued that nothing he did was against the law.

His next court date is scheduled for July 25.