MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – Nearly 7 years after the puzzling disappearance and death of Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron there remain numerous unanswered questions.

Macron was reported as missing after the discovery of a crime scene at the Lafayette Town Hall in December of 2016.

Bryon Macron

The scene looked as though there had been an altercation.

“In the conference room, where there was some blood on the walls and the floor and the door.”

Captain Kevin Ross, Medina County Sheriff’s Office

“He was supposedly going to be there to meet with an angry citizen. We were unable to locate him. We contacted BCI to come down and process the crime scene and then we started a search with available resources to try to find Mr. Macron.  The car he was driving was not at the scene there at the Lafayette town hall,” said Ross.

Macron’s SUV was found at nearby Chippewa Lake, but there was no sign of Macron there until several months later when his body was found by a kayaker in the lake.

Macron had as many as six slash marks on his body but none that an autopsy concluded would be life threatening.  The cause of death was left as undetermined.

In 2020, after the Ohio BCI concluded its investigations of each crime scene Medina County Prosecutor Forrest Thompson announced that he had asked for the investigation to be closed.

“No evidence, no blood, no tissue, no DNA, no fingerprints, no footprints, no witness, no statement, nothing has ever identified another individual as being in that building in that car or at that scene.”

Prosecutor Forrest Thompson, October 2020

Macron’s widow never believed that her husband had any motive to harm himself and started combing over documents to try and find answers to her lingering questions.

“I knew from the beginning what they were trying to perceive this as, that he acted alone,” said Macron.

“That’s not my husband; that’s not who he is.”

Victoria Macron
Victoria Macron, FOX 8 photo

Since then, she says she has been told by first responders who were at the scene that her husband was found tied to something in the water.

“He was found upright, he was found in what appears to be bobbing in the water,” she told Fox 8 News, believing that his legs had to be weighed down.

And she says there was never any documentation of that in any of the reports from the scene.

While not officially re-opening the investigation, Medina County Sheriff Terry Grice says he entered office in 2021 saying if there ever were any new questions, he would be happy to seek the answers.

“I would say its further inquiry of the original investigation of 2916 that we met with Mrs. Macron along with her attorney, they presented maybe four or five questions to us we have assigned our detective bureau to look into those to see what we can find,” said Grice.

On two occasions in the past several months investigators with the sheriff’s office have fielded questions from Macron and her attorney and turned them over to detectives for answers.

Among the things they are working to do is to interview the first responders who were at the lake when Macron’s body was found, including the person who told his widow that he appeared to be tied to something.

“There was several people down at the lake when his body was recovered from the lake. No one had ever mentioned that at the time, no ligature marks or anything was located during the autopsy on his leg and so we contacted that person that made those allegations to Mrs. Macron,” said Ross.

“We also contacted the actual EMS worker that pulled Mr. Macron from the water. The person that pulled Mr. Macron from the water said that there was nothing around his ankle or foot and he cut nothing off the body so the information we are receiving seems to be false. We are still currently trying to contact the EMS worker that gave Mrs. macron the information to see if he would come in and talk to us,” said Ross.

Among the other questions Mrs. Macron has is about security cameras inside the Town Hall.

She says there were multiple cameras inside the building, but the only video preserved for the record was one on December 16th.  She believes they should have kept videos from the cameras for the week before that.

She says the one thing this experience has taught her is that if someone has a gut feeling that something isn’t right, they should do everything they can to follow up on that feeling.

“I am not backing down and yeah, I’m here for the fight and yeah, I’m glad they are listening,” said Macron.

Even after their lengthy investigation concluded there is no evidence of any other person being involved in the disappearance or death of Mr. Macron, investigators have also never determined a motive he might have to end his own life.

And while the case is not officially being re-investigated, Captain Ross said he is willing to do everything he can to make sure the lingering questions are answered, knowing well there will always be questions only Bryon Macron himself could have answered.

“Definitely I want to find out what happened, and you know some of the questions we won’t be able to answer but we want to explore each avenue to come up with a conclusion if we can or get close to having a conclusion not only for the family but for the sheriff’s office and the community,” said Ross.