SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – A 16-year-old Sandusky teen is now home recovering after he was stabbed in the forehead, and the 4 ½ blade became lodged in his brain.

Mikey Hampton was stabbed on April 11 when he was outside near his home on Carr Street. His mother and siblings were just a few feet away when the attack took place.

“It was a nice warm evening, and we were outside trying to get my 3-year-old twins to tire out so they would go to sleep,” said Kiara Easley, Mikey’s mother. “This group of boys who have been bullying my son for years all of sudden came around and attacked him and his friend.”

Kiara said she could hear arguing but didn’t know exactly what happened. She said her son ran inside the house and the other teens took off.

“He was bleeding badly and was cut on his forehead,” Easley told the Fox 8 I-Team Monday.

Mikey said he thought the one suspect was going to punch him.

“He took a swing, and I thought I was going to be punched,” Hampton said. “I felt pressure on my forehead, and I saw I was bleeding. I thought they hit me with a bottle or a brick or something.”

Kiara rushed him to the hospital.  A short time later they learned he had been stabbed, and the handle of the knife broke off.

“A four and ½ inch blade was stuck in his brain,” Kiara said. “I almost passed out. It killed my soul to look at him with the knife sticking out of his head.”

Mikey was taken to a Cleveland hospital. On April 12 he had a 4-hour surgery to remove the blade from his brain. He was released five days later.

He will have to undergo months of therapy and doctor’s appointments.

“It’s going to a long road, and they say he will be dealing with this for a long, long time,” Kiara said.

Mikey was a stand-out running back for his middle school football team in 2021.  He took this year off but was hoping to return to the field this fall. Doctors, however, say he may not be able to play again.

“It’s heartbreaking with what he has to go through,” Kiara said. “We want justice.”

Sandusky police have arrested three teenagers and two are facing attempted murder charges.

“The other one will be facing charges of rioting and fighting at the scene,” said Sandusky Lt. Scott Dahlgren. Three are due in court soon.

Kiara says she is hoping all three face serious consequences.

“I don’t want a plea deal; they don’t deserve a plea deal,” Kiara said. “They came to my house and did this to my son.  They had intentions. They knew what they were going to do.”

Kiara and Mikey said they are forever thankful to the doctors and hospital staff at MetroHealth Medical Center.

“I can’t thank them enough,” Kiara said.

The family has started a fundraiser to help with his long road to recovery including ongoing therapy and medical bills.

Click here to make a donation.