Black Bear Disrupts Local Garage Sales


Black Bear in Portage County Ohio

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HUDSON, Ohio-A black bear making its way through northeast Ohio created quite a stir on Friday, as neighbors were holding community garage sales.

The bear, which authorities believe wandered into Hudson from Streetsboro, was first seen about 7:00 a.m. Friday on Valley View Road as Lee Pinover was getting ready for work.

“I happened to look out the window in our bathroom and there was this black something, and I got closer to the window and saw it was a bear,” said Pinover.

“I went down and woke everybody up and said you guys got to come here and take a look out the window. There was the bear sitting at the bottom of the window trying to rip the bird feeders apart,” added Pinover.

“He said it was a black bear and I looked out the window and at first I thought he was kidding, because he is quite a jokester, but then I looked out and there he was,” said his wife Stacie.

“I was more upset though because there were eggs or baby birds in there. He reached up with his big paw and literally started ripping them down,so my concern at that point was for the birds,” said Stacie.

From Valley View Road, the animal slowly wandered east into a community bordering Glen Echo Drive, where garage sales were taking places.

Sherry Mulcahey says her garage was crowded with people browsing items, when she walked to put an empty soda can in a recycle bin. Sherry became startled by what she saw in her backyard.

“Right there about ten feet away is this big black bear,” said Mulcahey, who went to a door to alert her two sons about the creature.

“I was inside watching TV and she opens the door and pretty much just yells get the camera. There is a bear in the backyard,” said Brendon Mulcahey. Mulcahey told Fox 8 he kept his distance but followed the bear as it made its way through backyards continuing to travel east.

“I actually just came back from Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico where there are a lot of bears there,” said Brendon. “We didn’t see one there though so I was sort of like maybe this is my chance to see one, in Hudson,” he added.

Authorities in Hudson were advising residents on Friday to keep their distance if they see the bear and not to distract it in any way.

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