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A recent stampede caught on video of bison running through Yellowstone National Park has some wondering if it’s their way of predicting natural disaster.

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The stampede coincided with a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the park last weekend.

And with a volcano located underneath the park, some feel the animals’ activity is a sign an eruption is on the horizon.

But Yellowstone National Park Public Affairs Chief Al Nash says in a YouTube video that the running is completely normal.

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Nash said the park sees thousands of earthquakes each year — that it’s part of the park’s geology. Nash said there is also magma under the park’s surface, which allows for the unique sights at the park. But he said there is no sign any volcano is about to erupt.

Nash said the regularly bison leave the park because they tend to migrate outside of the park at this time of year to get food. When it gets warmer, they walk back in.