COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Ohio lawmakers want to keep high school sports ticket prices affordable for students attending their schools’ playoff games, amid what they call “ticket price gouging” by the Ohio High School Athletic Association, according to a Friday news release.

House Bill 311, introduced Friday by state Reps. Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) and Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County), would keep the price of a student ticket below the price of an adult ticket, and keep the price the same whether the ticket is bought online or with cash.

It would also allow students to get in to games free, so long as there’s no cash payment option and the game isn’t sold out.

“The OHSAA should be ashamed of themselves for charging $15 for a ticket to get into a high school playoff game,” Edwards is quoted in the release. “These games are supposed to be about the school, community, team, band, cheerleaders, and families, but for the OHSAA it is only about the money. There will be many family members missing games because of these outrageous costs.”

With recent ticket price increases for students and spectators, it would cost two adults and two students a total of $40 to get into a playoff games, which start this weekend — up to $60 at the gate, FOX 8 News previously reported.

“High school football is Americana at its best and is an experience that should be able to be enjoyed by all,” Pizzulli is quoted in the release. “The cost of a game ticket shouldn’t be an obstacle. The OHSAA’s already bloated budget shouldn’t be built on the backs of the student they are supposed to serve.”

HB 311 is awaiting a committee assignment.