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NORTH RANDALL, Ohio–When it was first built, Randall Park Mall was the biggest mall in the world.

It is about to be reduced to rubble making way for new businesses and thousands of new jobs as a new 100-acre industrial parkway is set to be built.

There is not much left to it right now.

“The memories of what was and they have very fond memories of shopping there and being entertained there and also they see the sadness that was left behind after the closure of the mall,” said Village of North Randall Mayor David Smith.

The Mall has been closed for nearly 11 years. The Village of North Randall has been talking to developers about redeveloping the mall site ever since it closed in 2003.

“We mean business here,” Smith said.

Industrial Realty Group out of California is leading the charge on redeveloping the 2.2 million square foot enclosed mall and converting it to a 100-acre industrial park.

“It’s better than what is here,” said a Shaker Heights resident. “They have big pot holes everywhere throughout the parking lot and there is nothing but one store open here and so I think anything they do would be better than just sitting like it is now.”

Parts of Randall Park Mall will remain, like the old Sears building which is in pretty good shape. Also, Power Sport Institute, which provides training for mechanics for motorcycles, ATV, watercraft and snowmobiles, will stay, as well.

“We’re very excited. We’re the Midwest Training Center for Kawasaki, Yamaha, S&S, Victory, Polaris; they like this location so we’re staying put,” said Bernie Thompson of Power Sport Institute.

The price tag for the redeveloping of the Randall Park Mall site is expected to be in the hundreds of millions, but payback to the city will be priceless.

“I anticipate once this redevelopment is done, we’ll probably have 2,000 jobs,” said the mayor. “It’s going to revitalize this community in a big way.”

“There are so many great things that can happen with development. It’s like resurrecting the area,” Thompson said.

Industrial Realty Group of California will share financial responsibilities with the Village of North Randall to demolish the old hotel that sits near the property, and within 3 years, if not sooner, that site will be developed as well.