CLEVELAND (WJW) — City officials spoke on Tuesday afternoon with a commitment to better basic city services for all Clevelanders.

Mayor Justin Bibb and Chief Operating Officer Bonnie Teeuwen, in a press conference in the video player above, highlighted new city initiatives: Project Clean for park maintenance and properties, the Residential Pothole Repair Program and the Illegal Dumping Task Force.

The city’s new Director of Public Works, Frank Williams, joined them at the corner of East 66th and Whitney Avenue.

Teeuwen says the maintenance department plans to work sun up to sun down to cut and clean up fields in the city.

Pothole repair began on April 4 and she says they are close to 60 percent done for the year, which is expected to be completed by mid-June.

“Last year at this time we were at 26 percent,” she said. “We’re making great progress.”

She also addressed and recognized that illegal dumping has been a problem in the city “for a long time.”

“We have dedicated a total of nine crews, three grapple trucks and six loader crews basically going through the lots and cleaning the illegal dumping,” she said. “To date, we’ve completed 444 illegal dump sites and we collected 360 tons of illegal dump material.”

She says, last year, the city cleaned up 2,200 illegal dump sites total and should be able to clean up around 5,000 illegal dump sites in 2022 at the rate they are going. Security cameras are also being considered in an attempt to catch the perpetrators.