CLEVELAND (WJW) — He’s one of the most beloved Cleveland Browns players of all time.  But these days, Cleveland’s Own Bernie Kosar is tackling a new venture that’s very personal to him.

“I want people to feel good like I’m feeling good,” Kosar said.

The former quarterback is open about his health issues resulting from his 12 years in the NFL. After repeated blows to the head, Kosar said he experienced seizures and ended up in a coma. He also took countless medications.

“I retired in 1997. By 2016, 2017 I was on north of 50 pills a day. I couldn’t sit here and enunciate, articulate, or communicate any multi-syllable words,” he said.

Kosar said that was a dark time in his life. That’s why one day he decided to take control of his health.

“When you get to this stage of issues, you actually need something tangible in what to do and this lifestyle change that I had and what I’m so proud to be doing with my daily wellness essentials,” he said.

Kosar changed everything about his lifestyle and his diet, something he says made all the difference.

Now he’s created “Kosar Wellness Essentials,” which is a subscription-based program of all the supplements he says help him feel better.

Kosar said he is looking to take it a step further by teaching you everything he’s learned.

“Fresh food and smart supplementation are my kind of medicine for me to be able to sit here and not have taken a pill in five years,” Kosar said.

It’s not just about supplements, Kosar said it’s a way of life.

“You’ll hear me say a lot about modified intermittent fasting. Eighteen hours not eating, six hours eating. Just resting your digestive system,” Kosar said. “There is absolutely something to the resting and healing of your digestive system.”

Starting the week of October 30, Kosar will join Natalie Herbick for “Kosar’s Wellness,” a weekly segment on Fox 8.

He will share how he uses his supplements and what he wants you to learn from his experience.