CLEVELAND (WJW) — Cleveland Browns legend Bernie Kosar is speaking out for the first time since being removed from the team’s pregame radio show on Sunday.

Kosar was let go after violating the NFL’s gambling policy when he put $19,000 on the Browns through the Tipico Sportsbook “as the first sports bet in Ohio.”

Bernie, who is a radio contributor and analyst for the Browns, apologized to the organization for putting them in a tough spot, during his Monday night podcast, seen here.

But he’s standing by his statement that he placed the bet for charity and didn’t think it would be an issue because he says he’s not an employee but an independent contractor with the team.

“I’m not an employee of the Browns. As an independent contractor, I didn’t want to put them in this position,” he said during the podcast. “But since I’m not an employee, I didn’t think it was going to be an issue. And because it was for charity, again, now I see the position for the Browns and the league are in. In no way do you want to put them on the spot. In no way was this done in the interest of benefiting us.”

Kosar tweeted just before the Browns vs. Steelers game on Sunday saying: “Steelers GameDay yet once again I was informed by the Browns that my services are no longer desired or needed. I will not be doing today’s radio program. I am shocked & disappointed…Brown & Orange is my life.”

The Browns said they notified Kosar earlier in the week that he was removed from pregame radio coverage.

Kosar thanked fans on his podcast for their support this week.