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BEREA, Ohio (WJW) – Some parents in Berea contacted the FOX 8 I-Team after a school bus stop for middle school students was moved two houses away from a registered sex offender.

“I am really shocked,” said Lisa Peck, a parent.

Another mother also said she too was concerned because several parents work and can’t be at the bus stop before and after school.

“You never know what can happen and I am concerned,” said a mother of a middle school student. She asked that we not use her name.

The I-Team checked and found that a man living near the bus stop is on parole after serving several years in prison on a rape charge. The victim in the case was a 14-year-old.

The parents say that starting last Wednesday, they sent emails and made calls to school officials to discuss the situation.

“We emailed the school board, the transportation department and also called,” Peck said.

One parent sent us an emailed dated Aug. 25, where she asked that the bus stop be moved because a sexual predator lives two houses away from the stop.

She received a response Monday that said the “Transportation Review committee had the opportunity to review your concern and will not be making a change at this time.”   

The statement also added the transportation department takes, “The first two weeks to evaluate all stops, safety concerns and ridership so it is possible that there may still be some changes to the routes and stops if warranted.”

The I-Team contacted school officials who said they received three emails on the issue and had planned to address the parents’ concerns at a meeting on Monday.

One parent said she was informed by school officials, a few hours after the I-Team interview, the district is moving the location of the bus stop and that the issue “would have been reviewed” during the meeting.

Berea school officials declined multiple requests for an on-camera interview but did confirm the bus stop is being moved.

An email from a school official to the I-Team said the decision to change the location of the bus stop was not due to our story but because they had the opportunity to review the matter.

One parent, however, said she is very thankful the I-Team looked into the matter and is grateful the bus stop is being moved to a different location.