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PEORIA, AZ — A bird rescue center in Arizona is trying to find the owner of one colorfully dressed, bedazzled pigeon.

Jody Kieran, the director of Fallen Feathers, said Friday that nobody has come forward to claim ownership of a pigeon found wearing a bedazzled vest.

The Arizona Republic reports someone found the fine-feathered friend near an intersection last week and brought it to the rescue center.

“Is he Liberace or the Rhinestone Cowboy? I haven’t figure that one out yet,” Kieran told Phoenix News, “It was more hysterical than anything.”

The organization posted a picture of the bird and the vest to Facebook.

According to the news outlet, a woman found his on her back patio and he wouldn’t fly away.  She said she took the bedazzled bird to Kieran’s rescue last Sunday because she was worried an animal would eat him.

“He was in her back patio and he kept coming up to the sliding back door and looking like he wanted to come in,” Kieran reportedly said.

Kieran says it’s not uncommon for people to keep pigeons as pets.

She claims the pigeon appears friendly and well taken care of by its owner.  The pigeon reportedly perches comfortably on her shoulder, which is something wild birds won’t do, and he keeps going into cages.

She also told the news outlet that one of the clues that the pigeon is domesticated is the vest itself.  It reportedly catches and holds bird droppings so they won’t get all over the house.

“It’s something somebody actually purchased for him, because it has a label in it,” Kieran reportedly said.

Kieran told Phoenix News that she hopes the owner will see her post and contact her. She says she will wait a month before putting the bird up for adoption.