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CLEVELAND — They call them bed bugs but those creepy crawlers can live in a lot of different places.

Just last week there were two confirmed cases of the blood sucking parasites found on two floors of the A. J. Celebrezze Federal Building on East 9th street and Lakeside Avenue in Cleveland.

A spokesperson for the General Services Administration, a government agency that manages office space for federal workers, said on the bed bug issue at the Federal Building:

“GSA worked quickly to exterminate and eradicate the small, affected areas.  the treatment was limited to the contained work area where the bugs were found. A professional exterminator experienced in bed bugs treated the areas with an approved, appropriate chemical application.”

Some of the federal workers leaving the building at lunchtime on Friday would not talk on camera about the bed bug problem, but some people were a little reluctant about stepping inside the building.

Hallie Buher, of Olmsted Falls, said, “It’s kinda gross, makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  Wish I didn’t have to go in there but I do.”

Bed bugs can easily latch on to you your clothes, shoes and luggage and make a new home.

Their bite may be painless but many people are allergic to it.  The bite will get some red swelling, intense itching and some pain. 

Bed bugs can also hide in the fabric of chairs, in carpets and even in boxes.

Still, people were surprised to hear about the bed bugs at the Federal Building in Cleveland. 

“I’ve been spared so far but it’s something that I worry about, especially when I go to hotels or when I’m traveling, so it’s a little disturbing,” said Jessica Chapman of Cleveland.

Eose Cinalli of Maple Heights agreed, saying, “I was aware of it in hotels in actual beds but not in government facilities!”
The appointed exterminator has installed bed bug monitors and will be checking them every two days for the next ten days to make sure the bed bugs are gone for good.