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STREETSBORO, Ohio —  Police are asking residents to be on alert after a bear was reported multiple times in Streetsboro.

“I was coming around the corner from taking out the trash and was at about my neighbor’s front post in the front yard when I ended up spotting the bear,” said Jason Grenfell, who lives on Delores Drive.

Grenfell says a black bear weighing about 300 pounds walked right through his front yard.

“It looked at me and then went across the street and looked at me again. That’s when the car came around the corner, and that’s when it went off into the woods over there,” said Grenfell.

And through the woods and over to Kensington Lane, the black bear went.

Neighbors spotted the bear walking in the backyard of a home on Kensington Lane.

“A third bear was spotted Monday morning. A gentleman on his way to work said he saw one over by Hines Hill Road in Hudson,” said Sgt. Troy Beaver, with the Streetsboro Police Department.

Streetsboro Police are asking people to be on alert and to not approach the bear if they see it.

“With the holiday weekend and backyard barbeques, put your food away and keep your trash, inside preferably until trash day. That’s what they are looking for, they are just hungry,” added Sgt. Beaver.