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BEACHWOOD, Ohio– Beachwood students are sharing disturbing details of how racist slurs and chants including the “N-word” were hurled at them during a high school football game Friday night.

The Bison were on the road playing the Grand Valley Mustangs at their home field in Orwell in Ashtabula County.

“They were purposely walking near our area, near the band holding up two to three confederate flags,” said Cimone Jackson, Beachwood cheer team member. “We were shocked because like you’re saying that to kids.”

According to witnesses, the majority of the comments and insults came from adults.

“And there was like a group of people saying, ‘White power on three, 1-2-3 white power,'” said Natalia Dammiani, of the Beachwood cheer team. “I was kinda scared to go to the bathroom alone.”

After the game, officers escorted Beachwood students to their buses.

Grand Valley Local Schools Superintendent Dr. William Nye, Jr. told FOX 8 that they took the situation very seriously and immediately got the police involved.

He also sent his sincerest apologies to Beachwood City School District leaders Monday that said in part, “This kind of behavior discredits and reflects poorly on our students, athletes, staff and school. It is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The superintendent mentioned an “adult spectator” and called his “inappropriate behavior” inexcusable.

He said the adult was removed from the game and, “Will not be allowed to attend further Grand Valley Local Schools events.” They are working with local law enforcement to see if there are any “further repercussions” that may be filed.

Beachwood students said that’s a start, but also that it was way more than just one adult slinging the racist slurs at them.

“As a student of color that hurts my feelings, not just for me, but my teammates,” Jackson said. “To me, that’s just like not representing your school well.”