CLEVELAND (WJW)– The winter weather cycle is giving no rest for the hard-working road crews. Ohio Department of Transportation plow drivers are once again heading into a long shift of battling the elements.

ODOT spokesperson Isaac Hunt says the agency will have more than 60 plows in District 12, which includes Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties.

Crews are not only wrapping up work clearing the several inches of snow that fell Sunday across Northeast Ohio, but are also finishing up the work from last Monday’s storm. There was so much snow that crews ran out of space on the side of the road to push new snow.

“We were having some trouble areas last week trying to find areas to push the snow so we’ve been working pretty hard last week and then yesterday to get the snow off the road completely; that way we have somewhere to push the snow,” Hunt explained.

Another challenge is the frigid cold temperatures. “When the weather is consistently below 20 degrees our salt isn’t as impactful that’s why we use things like BEET HEET, the natural sugars in the beet juice lower the temperatures even further than the salt does and a lot of times that’s more effective and helps melt the snow out of the way,” Hunt said.

ODOT is also warning drivers of a potential for refreezing and recommends everyone take it slower on bridges and overpasses.

ODOT also said on Twitter, ” This afternoon’s commute home in some parts of Ohio will take longer. Why? Even with the plows out, when it is snowing, roads will very likely be snow covered. Add in all the extra traffic and it will take us longer to clear them. Please be patient and give our crews room to work.”

The agency typically aims to have all the roads cleared two hours after the snow stops falling.