GATES MILLS, Ohio (WJW) — Browns training is set to begin in a month from now. But a lucky group of kids got their Cleveland Browns fix Tuesday morning at Gilmour Academy.

It’s not everyday first through eighth graders get to participate in a football camp hosted by Browns Pro Bowl defensive end Myles Garrett.

“I always wanted to do something like this,” Garrett said. “I’ve seen other players do it in the past. I always had the idea.”

It’s the second year for the Myles Garrett ProCamp. It’s designed for these kids to learn about the fundamentals of football while receiving up-close instructions from a Browns star.

“I’m just trying to put a smile on someone’s face and make the most of every opportunity and make each person came away with a positive outcome,” he said.

Giving back to the community and touching these campers’ lives means the world to Garrett.

“You never know when they’ll think back on this, and what they’ll do with that memory,” he said. “Whether it drive them to succeed … I just want to be a light for someone out here.”

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Garrett says this camp is more than just learning about a new football technique or skill.

“For them meet people from different walks of life, different ages, neighborhoods … you get to meet friends you never would’ve known and make friendships you might never have made or had so I think that’s special in it’s own right.”

Garrett is not just setting an example to these kids at camp, but also to his fellow Browns teammates and the importance of giving back to their communities.

“I would love for guys to be apart of this and to grow this, he said, “To have their own opportunities and events and let this community grow around you.“