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AUSTIN (KXAN) — One high school in the Austin Independent School District has decided to combat their students’ behavioral issues by removing the doors from the school’s bathrooms. 

The principal of Travis Early College High School addressed families in a letter saying that the decision to remove the doors from the bathrooms to the hallways was not taken lightly. She states it was a response to behavioral events and student conduct violations that have taken place in restrooms this year. 

Principal Christina Steele Hantgin also said that 90 percent of the school’s drug offenses have taken place in restrooms. Since the removal of bathroom doors, there have been no incidents. 

The school had tried other strategies like locking bathroom doors that could not be consistently monitored, but decided that this inconvenienced students and took time away from classroom learning. 

All restrooms have been checked to make sure that no stall can be seen from the hallway and that all stalls on campus have doors.