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BALTIMORE, Maryland — You probably don’t know her name, but there’s a good chance you saw the video of her slapping her son.

Toya Graham is being called “Mom of the Year” for what she did after spotting her 16-year-old son Michael throwing rocks at police during Monday’s rioting in Baltimore.

She repeatedly slapped him, yelled at him and dragged him home.

The entire incident was captured on video and that video went viral.

Graham spoke to CBS News about what happened.

“At the end of the day, I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray,” Graham said. “But to stand up there and vandalize police officers, that’s not justice.”

Graham is a single mother of six. Michael is her only son.

“Is he a perfect boy? No he is not,” Graham said. “But he’s mine. I’m just grateful I was able to get him home.”