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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio– Rocky River schools are heading back to class this Tuesday armed with some new technology.

Buses are now equipped with a GPS system which will keep track of their every move.

It’s called Zonar: Rocky River schools’ new $6,000 hi-tech system that’s in all 24 of their school buses.

“The GPS unit will tell us exactly where the bus is at any given time in live data. I can pull it up on my computer while the buses are out on the road. It can tell me if the bus actually made the stop; if their door opened; if their lights were initiated. It will also tell me the speed the bus was going; how long it took from stop to stop,” said Erin Peacock, the Rocky River schools transportation director.

All of the buses are also equipped with up to four digital cameras, so if anything were to happen on the bus, the cameras would pick it up.

“It keeps our drivers in check to make sure they are doing everything they are supposed to be doing.”

“This also gives us proof if we have students that are being bullied; we have a zero-tolerance bully issue,” said Peacock.

Some parents in Rocky River said they love the idea of the hi-tech buses. They said all precautions need to be taken when it comes to their kids safety.

“I believe the Zonar system is a great system. It will help parents that are starting to send their kids to school, that take the bus; it will alleviate their concerns cause they’ll know where their kids are at any given time,” said Nancy Meermans of Rocky River.

Mark Barrow is a parent and a school bus driver in Rocky River. He said besides the hi -tech GPS mapping, Zonar makes sure the bus drivers check each area of the bus before and after they pick up students.

“We check numerous points that the Zonar says we have to check and we have to click yes on the Zonar and stuff, so the parents would know that the buses are safe when they leave the lot,” said Barrow.