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Back on Earth: Astronaut talks aliens, missions to Mars and important research

CLEVELAND, Ohio —  What do astronauts really think about UFOs and missions to Mars?

Astronaut and Col. Jack Fischer addressed those questions and many more Thursday, speaking to hundreds of people at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Fischer spent four and a half months on the International Space Station and just returned in September.

According to NASA, the scientific contributions Fischer and his crew mates made will benefit research in biology, biotechnology, physical science and earth science.

A cancer study was not only groundbreaking, but incredibly important to Fischer on a personal level since his teenage daughter was treated for thyroid cancer.

“An experiment known as ADC — which is basically smart chemotherapy,” said Fischer. “So this drug goes after and attacks antibodies on the cancerous tissue and then keeps the healthy tissue totally okay.”

Fischer discussed the importance of all Space Station missions and how different countries collaborate for the better good of humanity.

As for seeing any aliens or UFOs, “I haven’t! I wish I had. If I had, I would’ve taken pictures; I’d be rich, but I haven’t yet,” said Fischer. “I definitely believe that there are others out there because when you see how many stars there are you can’t possibly think we’re the only ones.”

He also said astronauts will soon travel to Mars and that the path to the Red Planet runs right through Cleveland.

It begins this summer when testing gets under way on NASA’s newest and most cutting edge spacecraft called Orion.

“It’s what’s next,” said Fischer.

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