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COLUMBUS (WJW) – A fiery exchange escalated between two candidates for U.S. Senate Friday night.

Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons had to be physically separated in a tense moment at a U.S. Senate candidate forum hosted by the organization FreedomWorks outside of Columbus.

Mandel and Gibbons started arguing after Mandel accused Gibbons of owning stock in Chinese Petro and making millions off of it. When Gibbons denied the claim, things took a turn.

Other candidates were clearly frustrated by the outburst before the forum continued.

A statement from the Mandel campaign’s Scott Guthrie stated:

“Mike Gibbons got upset tonight that he was called out for his investments in Chinese oil.  He claims not to remember the investment, but it’s part of a patten of Gibbons entire career making money by taking American companies and selling them to foreign interests.  While Ohioans are struggling to make ends meet in Joe Biden’s America, Mike Gibbons spent his entire career profiting by shipping jobs overseas and investing in places like China and Russia.”

After the incident, Mike Gibbons tweeted the following:

“Josh Mandel is unhinged, unfit, and flailing – because he’s losing. We can’t leave this race to child-like candidates. We need an adult in the room and Josh Mandel has proven that he is not capable of being that for Ohioans.”

They’ll square off again Monday for a live debate at Fox 8 News in Cleveland. Nexstar’s Ohio TV stations will host the hour-long debate with candidates Gibbons, MandelJane Timken, JD Vance and Matt Dolan at 7 p.m.