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Cleveland – A new baby brings joy on any day.  But a Cleveland couple has added happiness with the birth of their daughter.  Her birth is cause for a triple celebration.

At just hours old, Autumn Stover was already making a name for herself. The first child of Raheem and Qiana Stover was born on New Year’s Day morning at University Hospitals in Cleveland. Mom calls her daughter’s birth, a blessing. “I knew she was coming today,” she said.

What makes Autumn’s birth so special is that she now shares a January 1st birthday with her mother and her father.  “New Year’s Day – yes, we’re all born on this day,” Raheem Stover said.

Being born on her parents’ birthday was completely coincidental.  Her due date was January 10th.  “I can look at it like I share a birthday with two beautiful women that I love so much, my daughter and my wife. And our daughter can look at it as my parents–  I share the same birthday as my parents on New Year’s Day,” Raheem Stover added.

Autumn’s birth is like hitting the birthday trifecta. The odds of a child being born on both parents’ birthday are one in 48-million. Stover said he has always felt special having a New Year’s Day birthday. “Then when I met Qiana I knew she was special also — when I fell in love with her because she had the same birthday as I did.  Now for all us to be blessed with a beautiful baby girl on our birthday, I think we are all special, “he said.