AVON, Ohio (WJW) – Residents in one local neighborhood are fighting back against a proposal for a school to add field lights to its athletic field.

Craig Szewczyk lives on Halsted Lane in Avon and his backyard is adjacent to the Avon Middle School field, currently under construction.

“We had meetings prior to that school going up that lights were non-negotiable. They weren’t going to do lights. It was going to be used as a practice facility during the day,” said Szewczyk.

Szewcyzk was among a dozen residents who voiced their concerns to the planning commission Wednesday over the district’s request for a special use permit to include turf and lighting to the field.

“We unfortunately won’t be able to enjoy our backyards. Not only the lights, but the noise.  There will be lots of people there, the traffic,” said Szewcyzk.

Superintendent Ben Hodge defended the proposal, saying the lights would not affect the homes nearby.

“It’s a completely different ballgame right now in terms of technology. I feel that we will spend the money and put those lights in for our residents, not only our field,” said Hodge.

According to Hodge, enrollment has doubled in the last 20 years.

“Avon has 4,700 kids right now. When you have that many kids, when you think of youth soccer, youth lacrosse, youth football. That’s thousands of kids that need fields to play on. We have one turf field in town,” said Hodge.

The field will also be used by the city for recreational activities.

Wednesday, the planning commission recommended the proposal move to city council.