AVON, Ohio (WJW) — Avon police sprung into action Sunday morning after a woman veered off of I-90 rolling her car down a nearly 20-foot embankment

Her car then flipped on its roof in three feet of water trapping the woman inside her vehicle, police said.

The crash took place around 11:30 a.m.

Police said the woman was driving her compact car on I-90 westbound near the Route 83 exit when her car went off the highway.

“A gray Kia Forte traveled off the right side of I-90 westbound then traveled through dense vegetation and was laying on its roof in a retention basin filled with approximately three feet of water,” police said.

“Avon officers proceeded down the embankment into a 20-foot wide by 15-foot tall retention basin and that’s when an officer broke the rear passenger glass in order to gain access to the vehicle” Police added.

Officers could then reach inside and opened the front passenger door allowing them to climb inside the vehicle where they were able to pull the woman safely out of the driver’s seat.

The difficult rescue wasn’t over yet.

With the assistance of the Avon Fire Department, the woman was carried across the water filled retention basin to a safer embankment police said.

First responders then placed the 64-year-old female from Litchfield onto a backboard and she was taken to Saint John’s Westshore Hospital in Westlake.

Police said the woman didn’t sustain life threatening injuries.

Avon Police told FOX 8 News they’re interviewing witnesses to the crash and checking to see if anyone or a business have video of the incident.

Police say they want to know why the crash happened and will also interview the driver of the Kia as part of their ongoing investigation.